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Is Your Homes Indoor Health Responsible for Family Health Issues? Mold Alone is Probably not the Issue

Breathe-Rite takes a Modern Building Envelope Approach. Our licensed Health Professionals trained in Building Science will identify precise issues and provide you with a Step-by-Step correction plan that goes beyond mold. We work directly with many of Southern California's best Allergists, Immunologists and Onchologists.

Our Expert home audits examine your structure for building defects, chemical interactions, pesticides, household irritants, particulates alone with mold and mycotoxins. We then evaluate your personal health records and explore your unique issues. Your Home Inspection will be thorough on all issues affecting your health...Not just mold.

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More than 90% of our lives are spent between home and office. If your personal health is deteriorating, or your medications are becoming less effective, or one or more family members are experiencing chronic sinus infections or immune system illnesses-----maybe the time has come to look WITHIN your home. Mold Inspection services look for mold and water damage. Building Inspectors look for code ordinance violations and visible structural defects while assessing only the homes working order. Only Breathe-Rite examines the total of your homes systems and physical structure together as a whole house/office model.

At Breathe-Rite you can choose from a menu of Environmental Audits, Energy Audits, Real Estate Audits and even clean air products to custom tailor your final result.

We service Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties. Find out how a real estate inspection , an environmental inspection or portions of an energy inspection can ease your decision making process. We designed our services to help make your life easy and carefree:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT – Produce real time answers to allergies, chronic infections, asthma, respiratory issues, mold sensitivity, and many other chronic illnesses. We begin with State-of-the-Art diagnostic equipment and Pharmacists experienced in immune system illnesses and their cause. We use building analysts and building envelope Specialists to examine your HVAC, building structure, & potential problem areas. After compiling a Profile of your Homes Issues, we work with your personal Allergist, Immunologist, or Oncologist to begin resolutions specifically for you.
  • REAL ESTATE INSPECTION – Real estate professionals, prospective home owners or commercial property buyers can all benefit from a real estate audit performed by a Breathe-Rite’s licensed professionals. Our real estate inspection service includes both the home and commercial building inspections.
  • ENERGY AUDIT ENERGY STAR® – An energy audit is organized to point out where your energy dollars may be being wasted---without your knowledge. The average home wastes between 30-45% of its energy dollars through the continual use of inefficient systems. The average office may waste 40-50%. How much will you be willing to loose on a new purchase. Our audits show you not only how to reclaim these dollars, but also what you can expect in tax rebates, grants, and interest free loans that will add value to your bottom line. Things that many owners may miss completely. Plan your commercial energy audit or a home energy assessment with Breathe-Rite today.

Visit our informative sections under Energy Audit, Environmental Audit and Real Estate Inspection and then call us with your questions. Just dial 800-400-2118 to speak to one of our qualified staff members.

We take great pride in our associations. You will see our partners’ logos at the bottom of this page and around the website. Be sure to check out their home pages. You will find them informative in a number of energy and health related areas.

Breathe-Rite – Your Environmental, Energy and Real Estate Inspection Professionals

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Learn more about the people behind Breathe-Rite Air
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Learn more about the people behind Breathe-Rite AirLearn more about the people behind Breathe-Rite Air.

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