Environmental Containment Units

Maintaining Integrity in Indoor Environments While Performing Remediation…Use of the Mintie ECU Family of Collapsable, Portable Barriers

Construction, Remediation & Maintenance

The Mintie ECU (Environmental Containment Unit) line is a family of collapsible, portable containment units. They are easily deployed barriers for use when ‘critical’ areas within the workplace require an effective containment with minimal disruption.

Breathe-Rite Air represents the Mintie ECU total solution. This unique line of barriers, allow technicians to work clean and work safely when the environment dictates isolation.

The Mintie product line allows you the freedom to perform the most invasive of tasks in public areas without sacrificing the integrity of your surroundings. Ideal applications for:

· Clinical Labs or Research Areas housing sensitive instruments

· Server Rooms/Suites (ozone/particulate free)

· Hospitals and Critical Care Zones

· Quick, effective isolation of hallways corridors & lab areas

· Pharmaceutical/Research facilities

· Clean Rooms

· Manufacturing facilities

· Medical/Professional Office Buildings

· Out-patient surgery suites

The Mintie product line of ECU’s, allow you the freedom to work in any situation without regard to the spread of particulates or debris. Residential and Commercial remediation contractors will find the Mintie line a must.


Business & Occupational Facilities

Timely building maintenance is important. In many cases it cannot wait on convenience. This can pose a number of problematic issues for the maintenance staff. Lost or ‘down time’ can erode budgets and pose health and sanitation issues.  Ceasing operations is not always a possibility. Losses can mount quickly. When particulates are a issue in a project –the Mintie system of Environmental Control Units may be the perfect solution. Can you really afford not to have it available?

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