Work Remediate…..Eliminate Contamination

All facilities managers and engineering departments are attentive to working in sensitive areas where airborne materials may pollute or contaminate employee work areas. Contamination may also affect sensitive lab instruments and computer hardware.

Significant time and labor efforts are spent to remediate these occurrences. Often times the correct barriers are not available or short-cuts must be taken address the situation. Time spent with makeshift equipment can lead to frustration and inadequate protection

Significant costs arise when the right equipment is not available, accessible and easy to install.

The Mintie ECU2 from Breathe-Rite may be the right answer for these situations. The ECU2 can isolate an entire wing or an individual area. Access and immediately work in crawl spaces, plenums, heavy-traffic offices, or isolated rooms. Complete set-up in minutes by one employee. Positive or negative airway barriers may be added to ‘lock’ in the contained area.

See the many ECU2 applications below and recognize how Mintie and Breathe-Rite can save you money, manpower and maintenance frustration.

Breathe-Rite Air :: Clean Air As A Promise… Never A Compromise

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