INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY is the science of using specialty cameras to measure heat radiation compared surface temperature. Breathe-Rite uses this technology in all of its Environmental Audits, Energy Audits, and Real Estate Inspections. The term “infrared” simply means “past red”, and refers to the area the wavelength occupies in the electromagnetic spectrum. RADIATION is the movement of heat that occurs when radiant energy (electromagnetic waves) moves without a direct medium of transfer (i.e. a hole in the wall).

A THERMAL IMAGER is a device that detects heat patterns without making direct contact with equipment. The heat patterns are translated into an image known as a “thermogram” or thermal image. The terms “thermography” and “thermogram” mean “temperature picture.” A thermogram is electronically processed onto a display screen where different color tones correspond to the distribution of infrared radiation over the surface of the target. When performing both ‘Blower Door’ and ‘Duct Tests’, Breathe-Rite uses the images collected to more accurately assess you buildings strengths and weaknesses.

The greatest advancements in thermal imaging were for military applications between the 1940s and 1950s. These advancements continued in the 1970s for military applications and produced the first portable systems. These military developments lead to uses in building diagnostics and the nondestructive testing of materials. By the beginning of the 1980s, thermal imaging was being widely used for medical purposes, in mainstream industry and for building inspections.

In the 1980s the focal-plane array (FPA) was released from the military into the commercial marketplace. A focal-plane array is an image sensing device consisting of multiple infrared sensing detectors interpreting the RADIANT HEAT of the object the camera is focused on. This significantly improved the quality and sensitivity of thermal imagery allowing as much as 1000 vertical reference points and 1000 horizontal reference points (1,000,000 pixels) per image, producing a thermal image of comparable quality to a 720i/p television.

In a field that is rapidly advancing, thermal imagery allows WHOLE BUILDING ANALYSTS, like the professionals at Breathe-Rite, to better understand and diagnose problems by less invasive means. Electrical problems can be identified more easily in Real Estate Inspections and with greater speed than testing each area individually. Insulation efficiency can be checked and/or verified to ensure comfort in conditioned space. Or a thermal imager may be used in conjunction with a blower door or other negative pressure device to identify and resolve building leakage. It’s just another State-of-the Art technology, brought to you by Breathe-Rite.

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