Many times, the Breathe-Rite pharmacists performing home inspections in Los Angeles Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Orange counties are looking at health issues blamed on mold. Our clients have run out of patience, used too many medications without results, or performed costly construction abatements—with mixed results.

This is not accidental, mold can be found in just about every location in every climate zone…. but is it the actual cause of the illness or is there something else that may be adding to or mimicking a mold allergy? The vast amount of literature and large number of abatement companies in the yellow pages would seem to point to the fact that mold is, at least the primary toxin in the home/office at cause for health issues. So….is the issue always mold? In order to find out we have to look at other possible issues in the home inspection that may also be at cause.

Mold predates the dinosaurs so we know that it is a hardy and adaptive organism(s). But this also suggests that we probably adapted to its presence over the years. There is an ongoing divide between the medical community and mold ‘experts’ over the extent of mold being the causative agent responsible for allergic reactions in humans. Current articles suggest that while it may be one of the causes, it almost certainly is not the ‘main’ cause in the majority of cases. So, how do we determine the real cause and address it in a manner that improves the health of the occupants.

This is what Breathe-Rite audits examine. In order to prove what is the cause, we also look at what is contributing to making it the cause, or rule out other issues that could possibly be at cause or prove what is not the cause. These other issues include toxins, pesticides, chemicals, construction defects, HVAC (air distribution) issues, structural defects, diet, household product use, cleaning methods, medication interaction, location, soot/forest fire residue, and proximity to industry…just to name a few.

Each home that Breathe-Rite inspects, each location we visit, and each set of circumstances we encounter are unique. If you have explored other reasons for what may be making you ill, and your home or office is one identifying factor that remains, I would recommend contacting a Breathe-Rite Air professional and set up an appointment.

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