IQ Air FAQ’s

We will soon be posting all the Frequently Asked Questions to make your air purifier selection as easy as possible.

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Which Air Purifier Is Right For You?

See a video comparison of the most popular of air purification units sold by Breathe-Rite Air.

Which Austin Air Is Right For You – with audio commentary
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Filter Replacement Tutorials

Step by step tutorial explaining the proper filter replacement procedure for the IQ Air HealthPro Line of air purification products. Simply click the link to your preferred media file below.

IQ Air Residential Air Purifier Filter Replacement Tutorial
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Over the next few weeks the pharmacists from Breathe-Rite Air will be submitting video reviews of the various HEPA filtration units available.

The reviews will be limited to ‘Professional’ models of both residential and lite (warehouse) commercial. There are a vast number of units currently available. Most of them lack consistent testing and none of the entry level units sold through specialty retailers are capable of removing particles down to 0.03 microns. Therefore they will not be addressed. Continue reading

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